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Wilko Systems is committed to giving its customers the fastest, most reliable and trusted service in the Greater Boston and North Shore areas. Since 1989, Wilko Systems has been designing and installing wiring and electrical systems for some of the most elaborate homes around.
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Commercial & Residential wiring for Heat, Light, Power & Communications

  • Service Upgrades
  • Property Maintenance
  • Energy Management, LED & Fluorescent Retrofits
  • Electric Construction & Renovations
  • Data Networking, Telephone & Cable TV Wiring
  • Smoke Detectors, Home Theater/Audio/Video Wiring
  • Intercoms, Doorbells, HVAC Wiring
  • Electric and Hybrid Car Charging Stations

Wiring is not a hobby. Please use a licensed electrician for safety and piece of mind! Thank you for visiting our web site!


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